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At IPS, we understand that protecting your home and your family is of the utmost importance. A regular alarm system won’t suffice with today’s home security solutions.

Today’s smart home security solutions offer remote surveillance and smartphone-enabled security systems. These advanced systems provide real-time monitoring of your home, activity alerts, and two-way communication for fast responses to all security events.

A home alarm system customized to your lifestyle will be the most effective combination of protecting what you value the most. Don’t settle for the bare minimum when choosing the best home alarm system in Columbus, Ohio for you is just a click away. IPS makes sure to fully protect you, your family, and your property through innovative and cutting-edge Columbus home security alarm systems.

Being able to respond quickly and effectively in the case of an emergency is important. While emergencies aren’t always preventable, you can prepare for them. IPS offers security and fire monitoring packages tailored to your needs. For less than a dollar a day you can keep your home or business safe and prepared for life’s emergencies.

Sometimes you need more than just peace of mind in your home. Video Surveillance has the charm of security and we offer video surveillance system in Columbus, Ohio. You need to know exactly what’s going on while you’re away. Do you have a babysitter? or a house cleaner? that has access to your home? Check in on them while you’re at work or on vacation with a home surveillance camera system installation from Interactive Protect Services.

For both homes and businesses, it’s important to have video recordings of every event on your premises. Whether the footage is used to determine who’s coming and going, provide evidence of illegal activity, or simply for later reference, closed-circuit television is a helpful security aspect in any building or home.

Our entry systems can be standalone or integrated into your phone system, so when someone rings the doorbell, your phone rings. You can pick up to speak to the visitor or press a button to open the gate. Adding video capability allows you to see who’s at the door. Alternatively, you can program your doorbell to pause the music system or provide notifications on your TV, ensuring you never miss a ring. 

A typical daily routine may look something like: wake up, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, get dressed, grab your wallet, keys, and phone, and head out the door. It’s easy to forget the last step: locking the door. With remote access you will never have to worry or wonder if You locked the door again.

When you think of automatic door locks, you may immediately associate them with the locking mechanisms most commonly found in cars. However, many homeowners and business owners have started incorporating this technology into their daily lives to enhance the security of their properties and buildings.


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