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Conference Room Automation Ohio

Conference room av system is critical in the modern business world. Collaborating with team members across the country—and the world—is important for company teams to meet remotely and discuss updates and business goals. Having an automated conference room is the solution to remote meetings and presentations. Communications, presentations, and environmental controls lead business teams to success with a reliable and scalable conference room automation system in Columbus, Ohio.

Conference Room Automation Columbus, Ohio
Connect with audiences quickly and efficiently for increased communication and collaboration. Integrating technologies such as audio, video, lighting, shading, climate, and IT security will bring your outdated conference room up to speed with the rest of the quickly-changing technologies of the business world. After all, you can’t afford to be left behind the competition.

Conference Room AV Solutions in Columbus, Ohio

When upgrading and outfitting your business with a conference room AV system in Columbus, it’s critical that you have the best services available to you. With Interactive Protection Services you will be guaranteed the most up-to-date and cutting-edge design and installation of meeting room automation in Columbus, Ohio.

An automated conference room system includes features such as:

IPS understands that no two business are alike, and each company has its own unique needs and demands. Our automated conference room services are customizable and scalable, meaning if you need only AV conferencing in one room, then you’ve got it. If you need 20 fully-integrated automated conference rooms, you’ve got it, too. Maybe your business is likely to grow over five years and you’ll most likely need more features, we’ve got you covered then, as well.

We work with your demands to deliver you high-quality and professional installations.

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Our Commercial Designer and Training Specialist is an InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist (CTS®), an internationally-recognized technology certification for technology solutions. This expertise gives our professional staff the authority on creating, providing, operating, and servicing network-based AV solutions and management for a fully-automated conference room. Equipped with updated and professional certification, we’re happy to offer high quality conference room automation services.

For your custom-designed automated conference room, pick and choose the features that will best suit your business and your budget. Our staff is ready to help you design the conference room of your dreams to bring your company success. With your business goals in mind, we deliver the solutions you desire with our technical know-how and professional experience.

Are you looking to upgrade your conference room to include modern conference room business technology? Contact IPS Technology and Security solutions to begin bringing your business into the 21st century with convenient and easy-to-use technology.


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