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“Do I Need Computer Networking Services?”

Depending on the size of your company, most likely. Even disregarding the size of your business, if you don’t have a dedicated IT staff, it can quickly become a headache to set up your small business computer network.

Whether you’re upgrading your computer hardware or looking to clean up all the cords and upgrade from a physical server to a cloud-based service, you need reliable computer support services for your Cleveland, Ohio business.

But, how do you determine which IT organization will provide the robust and reliable computer networking services and IT support that your business needs to be successful?

We’ll tell you:

  1. Check What Services They Provide

This is a pretty broad category, but it won’t do you any good to go with any computer networking services provider. Make sure you research into exactly what they provide and how those services integrate with one another. Especially if you have multiple types of devices on a network, like cameras, tablets, and computers; they all need to be able to communicate with one another on the shared network.

  1. Cloud-Based Versus Physical

Does the company specialize in cloud-based services? If so, that’s a good indicator of reliable services for your small business computer network. A cloud-based small business computer network allows employees to work remotely and access the server even on business trips to make quick changes to documents while also staying in e-communication through server-based emails.

  1. Off-Site Data Storage

In addition to having cloud-based computer networking services, a reliable computer support company should also have off-site data storage to back up any documents and important information should your company’s network go down.

  1. Firewall and Anti-Virus Protection

One of the most important parts of a reliable small business computer network is protecting information and data. Especially for small businesses that process credit card information and store customer data, it’s crucial to ensure that information is safeguarded against malware, ransomware and other malicious attacks. When shopping for reliable computer support services, make sure that the provider also includes a robust firewall service, since that’s the first line of defense against malware and viruses.

  1. Technical Support

If something goes wrong, you need to be able to contact your computer networking services provider and expect them to help you immediately. Downtime will have a negative impact on your staff’s productivity, and if they can’t access the server or important documents, then they can’t get any work done! When your technology throws you a curveball, you need a reliable computer and network support company to help you resolve issues.

Contact Interactive Protection Services for Reliable Computer Support Services in Cleveland, Ohio

IPS Technology has the solutions and services your business needs to grow and be successful. From a robust IT consulting meeting to full-service managed and outsourced IT support, our company will partner with yours to ensure that your technology needs are met as a small business. It’s not easy to work with technology in the modern era, and we’re here to help with small business computer network services. Give us a call and get started.