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Video Surveillance Systems

IPS is your trusted provider of standalone or fully integrated commercial video surveillance systems for businesses of all sizes in Columbus, Ohio. Whether your business is expansive or compact, operating from a single location or across multiple sites, IPS possesses the experience and expertise needed to tailor video surveillance solutions to your specific needs. Our state-of-the-art technology is designed to safeguard your assets effectively and contribute to cost savings.

Conference Room Automation

Conference room av system is critical in the modern business world. Collaborating with team members across the country—and the world—is important for company teams to meet remotely and discuss updates and business goals. Having an automated conference room is the solution to remote meetings and presentations. Communications, presentations, and environmental controls lead business teams to success with a reliable and scalable conference room automation system in Columbus, Ohio.

Computer Networking

Navigating technology can pose challenges for small businesses, often accompanied by concealed expenses such as reduced employee productivity and company downtime. To effectively address these concerns, it is crucial to enlist the expertise of a knowledgeable and experienced information technology specialist. This ensures proactive measures are taken to mitigate income losses and prevent network security breaches.

Card Access

Keep your home or business safe with our options for commercial door access control system in Columbus, Ohio. Access control refers to the many security features that can control the way people may enter a building or space. From biometric and remote entry, to parking lot gate systems, we offer a full selection of access control solutions for our customers. Access control comes in many forms and is ideal for spaces such as schools, hospitals, commercial and industrial facilities and business offices.

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