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A home alarm system customized to fit your lifestyle can be the most effective and valuable solution to your home security. Don’t settle for the bare minimum when choosing the best home alarm system for you and your family. The best home alarm system is just a click away with IPS. We make sure to fully protect you, your family, and your property through innovative and cutting-edge home security alarm systems.

Smart Homes
Set your alarm systems from the comfort of your couch or bed, and be assured that your systems are armed with the technology to keep you safe. With Interactive Protection Services, our security system installations are thorough, reliable, and professional. We provide you with the protection you need so that you and your family can sleep safe at night.

Wireless Home Alarm Systems.

IPS partners with major retailers like Nice! 2Gig, Alarm.com, CMS, and many more security retailers and monitoring companies to bring you the best possible protection for your home or business. From door and window sensors, to indoor and outdoor cameras, IPS can offer all you need to feel safe and secure. Gain peace of mind with the confidence that our alarm systems and security solutions will notify you of any security issues while you are away. Whether it’s a broken window, or an unlocked door, you’ll receive instant notifications of any security threats to your home or business. Our security monitoring systems can even contact the proper emergency services on your behalf to provide ultimate security and protection.

Our Technology Professionals are Ready to Customize Your Home Security System to Fit Your Needs and Exceed Your Expectations.

Integrate the features perfect for you and your security needs with Interactive Protection Services. As a residential alarm company in Columbus, Ohio, we are dedicated to your home security with the best home alarm systems technology. IPS offers the experience and professionalism required to install your Columbus home security alarm system so you can protect what you value the most. Our technology professionals are ready to customize the home security system to fit your needs and exceed your standards.