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Video surveillance is important in protecting both your home and business. Whether the footage is used to determine who’s coming and going, provide evidence to law enforcement in the event of an emergency, or even to provide proof to your insurance, closed-circuit television is a key player in making those tasks more manageable.

IPS offers reliable CCTV security system installations with real-time footage broadcasting to a surveillance monitor as well as the option to record for future review. IPS also offers multiple monitoring options so you can check on your home or business remotely.

Secure Your Business Operations with CCTV Camera System Installation in Columbus, Ohio

Running a business these days with security is not that much easy but you can get benefit from a CCTV camera system installation in Columbus, Ohio. Sometimes, simply knowing that there is a camera recording, a store or restaurant deters potential criminals from carrying out illegal activity. The thought that they could be easily identified and apprehended could deter them from targeting your business.

External threats aside, a CCTV camera system installation by a Columbus, Ohio security system installation company would also protect your business assets from internal threats. Suspicious activities by employees or contractors will be recorded or monitored, bringing a swift end to intra-business theft and crime. Be sure to consider a wireless CCTV camera installation to prevent tampering with cables.

Keep an eye on your home while you are away from home, or on business or vacation. We are known as the best CCTV camera system installation company in Columbus, Ohio. Record footage of delivering packages or when the dog walker takes your puppy out for a stroll, and rest assured that you have a secure record of the activities occurring in and around your house. Put your suspicions to rest by monitoring those who have access to the house while your family is at school or work, or keep a watchful eye on your teenagers while you’re away for the weekend.

A wireless CCTV camera system installation will serve as your ‘eye in the sky,’ providing an additional layer of security for your home and ensuring your peace of mind. You can have the footage broadcasted directly to a surveillance unit or simply store it on a drive for future reference. Either way, rest assured that a CCTV security camera installation for your Columbus, Ohio home is the perfect addition to your home security system services

Interactive Protection Services offers a wide variety of security systems and packages for homes and businesses. Rest assured that your property will be secure with our high-tech and professional services, including CCTV camera installation in Columbus, Ohio. Our highly trained and thorough technology experts can design and install a CCTV camera system to add an additional layer of security and surveillance to your alarm and security system.

Contact IPS today if you want video surveillance and footage recording added to your home or business security system with the best CCTV camera installation company in Columbus, Ohio. You can call us at  (614) 468-1680 or fill out our online contact form.