6 Best Video Surveillance Cameras for Commercial Buildings

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When it comes to video surveillance cameras for commercial buildings, it can be hard to find the sweet spot between price and efficiency. You want a camera that will do it all to cover a commercial building, but without a hefty price tag.
Well, we’ve put together the six best video surveillance cameras for commercial buildings. And when you’re ready to outfit or upgrade your building’s with commercial video surveillance system, contact IPS Tech for professional and trusted security techs.


Known worldwide for its tech and IT products, NETGEAR delivers again with this camera. While it makes a variety of cameras, the Arlo Q takes the cake with its 7-day free cloud storage. Its night vision is almost unbeatable, with crystal-clear footage of what’s going on, even in the dark. The Arlo Q streams 1080 pixels resolution and has a 130-degree viewing field. Furthermore, easy installation is available with mounting done either magnetically or with hardware.

2. Lorex 8-Channel 8-Camera Surveillance System

Although its price tag may ward off some people, the Lorex 8-channel system comes with eight cameras and 2 TB of storage. It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor installation, and is packed with plenty of features that your business needs for security, including night vision, 4K ultra HD recording, temperature tolerance, and infrared capabilities.

3. Swann 8-Channel System

With many different models available at different price points, it’ll be easy to find a video surveillance camera for a commercial building in the Swann 8-Channel. Users can view the video stream from a mobile app for all eight cameras and is equipped with 100 feet of night vision, as well as 2 TB of footage storage in a DVR setup.

4. Zmodo Wireless Security Camera

Hailed as the most flexible camera, it’s easy to set up and customize a configuration with Zmodo. Because it’s wireless and weatherproof, this camera can be used indoors or outdoors and its night vision automatically turns on after dark and can see up to 65 feet. That’s not as impressive as other night vision capabilities, but it’s better than most.

5. Reolink RLC 410

With 36 infrared LEDs, the Reolink RLC can see and record up to 100 feet away in the dark. This camera can also be remote-controlled by either sending an email or using an app. It only requires one Ethernet cable and can be scheduled to move and detect motion after business hours.

6. Foscam F19901EP

Although it doesn’t use wifi and instead is connected via an Ethernet cord, the Foscam is durable, is equipped with HD recording either local or on the cloud and has industry-standard night-vision range of 30 feet in the dark. Because of its tank-like build, you can expect this camera to hold up to weather conditions when installed outdoors, making it a good contender in video surveillance cameras for commercial buildings.